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Law and Order / His

This world is a twisting the reality and art is trying to bring you back to awareness to differ the illusion from the reality. The code is not out it is inside you.

Kariya does this through his art, thriving “for the audience to experience, contemplate: to visualize the physical image within their timeless, dimension-less, space-less, matter-less, but within the state of endless being”.

“Visualization is the key, landscape of life”, - says Kariya, “Landscape of making, landscape of creation or fabrication, documentation of direct making, rather represents the figures.

My work is not to portray a subject, but to evoke.”

However, it is all connected, my dear friends...”The Is Now”.

That is why his mission and the main idea of his art - is “It is all about this physical world, including words, symbols, image, and thoughts. Illusion is what we believe 100 percent, not 99.9999999...%, as what our reality is all about to create or fabricate.

Reality is what we believe 100 percent, not 99.999999...% in this physical world.”

Artists are from this world, do not worry, but they know and see something you’ve forgotten. And the next time you will see a piece of art that is not so simple, be happy to meet the new level of awareness. Remember that art is to see the reflection of your own God in that mirror, made by an artist.

Do not ask the artist to explain, cause your own God is waiting for you, not for information.

And, anyway, one should know only that “It is about the One Piece and Millions of Others”...

(on Hiroshi Kariya's work) Olga Burakhmedi


Law and order / His


The intention for my work this time around, was to establish a distinctive law and order, and product of recording the matters related the whole creation.

The illusions and meanings that contradict and adhere on the surface relates to the a priori of viewers’ law and order.

The artwork is a document of my act relating to creation or fabrication and whole story is written or programmed under my law and order, with specific guide lines, directions, numbers, erasing marks, re-writings, mistakes, and where all traces left are hidden behind the layers of many surfaces.

The surface that the audience sees is not what I have created, but something that pertains to a priori; relating to or derived by reasoning from self-evident propositions.

However, it is also possible that what you see in the work may be an artist’s accidental drippings on the plate or canvas.

Generally, from a distance, the characteristic of all images connects with the flow of energy, transparency, and reflection. Upon closer view, you may notice the details beyond the layered surfaces, and the flipped images. All pieces are fragmented, assembled, and connected. All pieces are relative to each other, guided by others, move in the same manner, and hold secret or hidden meanings.

.“What’s all this? Is it the seeds speaking?” The key might be in the writings, numbers, faces, seeds, or maybe in the question itself...

The work seems to make you ponder and evoke such questions.

.Typically, an artwork is dependent on artist’s hand, through his passage to marking the work while under his law and order. The artwork is not to portray a subject, but to evoke. 

You may think you have found a mistake, but I don’t make mistakes; just joyful little calligraphic coincidental-drippings.

Hiroshi Kariya 2018


 刈谷博は、コード(秘密)とは「イリュージョンとは何かを示す前提と、現実とは何かを示す前提」にあると述べます。 (前提、定義、理論、真実は人間の創作であると)




「製作の風景、創造または物が出来上がってくる風景、制作実録として書き込まれる記述は、文というよりはむしろ数列を表しているようです。 私の仕事は主題を真似て描写することではなく、生起すること、主題そのものになること。」 そして、それらはすべてことごとくつながっています、私の親愛なる友人よ…「The Is Now」なのですね。


 イリュージョンとは、私たちが現実に実現化を図るものとして、99.9999999 ...%では実現しない。100%の実、私たちが信じる確固たる具体イメージで実現されるものなのだ、と刈谷は断言します。現実とは私たちが100%信じているものであり、この物理的な世界では99.999999 ...%では全く不足なのだと。




 そして、次の機会にあなたがそれほど単純ではない芸術作品を見るとき、新しいレベルの意識に会うことを嬉しく思うことでしょう。芸術とは、芸術家によって作られた、その鏡に映った自分の神と出会うことであることを忘れないでください。 アーティストに説明を求めないでください。情報ではなく、あなた自身の神があなたを待っているからです。 そして、とにかく、「それはたった一つの、そして何百万もの他のものについてである」ということだけを知っていればいいのです… 刈谷博 2018

@artkukhnia オルガ・ブラクメディ



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