July 26, 2019











November 23, 2018

I certainly that I stepped into the space of mizuma Art Gallery exhibition was held twice. But at that time I was wondering where I really was? How I could think like the way I feel from this exhibit to see the detail consists of more equal-sized pieces and also superi...


刈谷博が1984年から豆粒に書き続けているという「the now is」という英語の言葉を筆者なりに考えてみたい。「the」という指示代名詞によって固有化された「now」今とい...

January 30, 2018


January 29, 2018

   "Now" is like the crest of a wave, risen up from the infinite surface of the sea of space-time.

   It seems to happen quite often to us when we are children: we run into a complex philosophical problem, and fall into deep thought about it. In my case, once when...

January 28, 2018

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to present KARIYA Hiroshi's solo exhibition "It Is All About the One Piece, and Millions of Others", from Saturday 13th January 2018.

Born in 1948, Kariya moved to the United States in 1977 and has been based in New York ever since. Throu...

October 22, 2017

Article/ The Philadelphia Inquirer, newspaper, 3.18, 1990

The task that Hiroshi Kariya has set for himself is daunting- to express through art the unity of all people, places and things in the universe throughout the eons that the universe has existed.
He has confront...

倉林靖 「開放系」カタログ評論文、水戸芸術館、1994年


「415 Palestinians」と題された三...

August 14, 2017

Hiroshi Kariya's solo exhibition, "In Memory of 1992", was simply striking. The exhibit spaces were found on the first and third floors. On the first floor was "18 Wraps". Eighteen bodies made of trash bag, transparent plastic sheet, canvas, paint cloth, and cardboard,...

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