One Thing In Everything: Everything In One Thing

ICA Philadelphia, PA


Kabakov's Wall Debris

"Recycle For A Better Tomorrow"


Roots of Thought:

3. Ilya Kabakov's wall shall be destroyed.

7. Kabakov's wall materials shall be saved; the world's natural resources problem shall be reflected in the work.

2. The wall for Fragment Passage shall be built; all materials shall be used from the marked Kabakov's wall demolition; wood studs shall be numbered and/or used for framing.

4. This is the documentation.

9. Kabakov's materials shall be marked identify their origin.

The north wall piece shall be marked with a grid in Blue chalk at four foot intervals and 

numbered in black to identify the original grid location. The U-shaped wall piece shall be marked in a Red chalk line and marked the same as above.

13. The shape, the dimension, and the origin shall be reflected in the work.

8. The materials available at the field shall be used.

11. The documentation shall be made and exhibited as part of the work.

10. Every piece of Kabakov's wall shall be installed and assembled as single pieces and groups in this exhibition.

16. Some of Kabakov's wall shall be installed inside Sutra Tomb (upper Gallery). Some of Kabakov's materials shall be numbered, sealed in a plastic bag, and sold to the public for a purchase price of a single dollar bill, limited to one piece per person. All profits shall be used for purchasing new installation materials for ICA. The number of pieces for sale shall be determined by the amount it will cost to buy new materials for new walls.

17. The viewer shall not be able to see the entire contents of the work at a glance. They will gain the vision of a fragmented whole by changing angles.

15. The surface of the work: the form of Sutra, a fragmentation.

12. The wall shall be called Memory, or Re-Member.

14. The work is dedicated to the anonymous, unknown, abandoned, buried, used, useless, ugly, forgotten, and dead.

19. This would not exist without Gorvachev, the Berlin Wall, and New York Sanitation.

5. I saw Ilya Kabakov's installation at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts twice.

6. The relationship between things and humans exixsts as part of the work.

1. Sprout.

18. Everything not included here should not be excluded.

"Roots of Thought" Hiroshi Kariya / March 16, 1990, Philadelphia



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