8000 Years Spring, 8000 Years Autumn

Ihara Ludens Gallery, New York


Thus, I came to this life. I’m a change hexagram. With my green color for spring or red to summer and purple to autumn. With my 6 inch width to 6 hours, 12 inches to 12 hours for the period of time to live with the work. With tossing coin to meet with face or reverse, 6 chances for the 1 of 64 combinations. Result with marking the "the now is" writings.



  The pieces are stacked on the wall in six rows. The stacks vary in height, and most of the wood is tint-ed green (for spring) or red and purple (for autumn). Most also are marked with a simulated script that represents Kariya’s “is the now” sutra.
   The visual effect of the wall array is something like an abstract codex or calendar. One recognizes it as a record of time passed, but it also alludes to the rhythmic cadence of language. Because sutra writing
is abstract-it vaguely resembles Arabic or Persian, it
communicates metaphorically, but its incantatory purpose is clear.

Edward J. Sozanski, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3.18. 1990




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