8000 Years Spring, 8000 Years Autumn

Ihara Ludens Gallery, New York


Thus, I came to this life. Thus I was born. I’m a change hexagram. With my green for spring, red to summer and/or purple to autumn. With my 6 inch to 6 hours, 12 inches to 12 hours, evidence of makings. The choice of period, time, life with one, ten, hundreds, thousands, millions, trillions of others. With tossing 3 coins to meet with face or reverse, chance, choice or change. The now is that I am 1 of 64 combinations. Of rights of wrongs, while my marking "the now is" writings.



  The pieces are stacked on the wall in six rows. The stacks vary in height, and most of the wood is tint-ed green (for spring) or red and purple (for autumn). Most also are marked with a simulated script that represents Kariya’s “is the now” sutra.
   The visual effect of the wall array is something like an abstract codex or calendar. One recognizes it as a record of time passed, but it also alludes to the rhythmic cadence of language. Because sutra writing
is abstract-it vaguely resembles Arabic or Persian, it
communicates metaphorically, but its incantatory purpose is clear.

Edward J. Sozanski, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3.18. 1990




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