It's all about the one piece:

Your inhale and my exhale is parallel:

My writing and your inhale is parallel:

The cloud moves then we exhale is parallel:

Our inhale and my writing, on the work #39 "Yeltsin" is parallel:

The illusion "is" and the reality "is" parallel:

Of all "the now is" and of all other is parallel:

The marking "the now is" on top of the matter, is parallel:

My foot erasing chalk and your exhale is parallel:

We observe them and my inhale is parallel:

You ponder what a hell is my wonder of what is parallel:

What "the Brahma days" is

8,460,000,000 universal years is this instance is parallel.

This, That, He, She, Me, We, and deny all that "is" parallel.

What (y)our believing is what (y)our creating "is" parallel.

Hiroshi Kariya, 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007, 2017



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#110 "Bosnia Election"

(reverse side of chalkboard), pasted news article, wooden frame cabinet hinge. Mizuma Art Gallery, 1997