Hiroshi  Kariya

It's All About The One Illusion

And Millions of Othes



It's All About The One Illusion

Hiroshi Kariya, born in Japan, is a New York based Sculptor and Meditation Creative. His diverse and playful artistic practice, which includes sculpture, and installation, explores the conceptual aesthetic of things through random encounters of materials, re-assembled situations and spatial relationships.


His work is an expression of the world to grasp through his verbal tool. He produces the key element as a window to investigate the illusion of “the now is”. The illusion, if any, for him, would be his paradoxical entry to another illusion, the reality.


His fundamental characteristic tool is "the now is" writings on the various objects. It is a verbal tool to contemplate that everything is “obviously” exist simultaneously, and is right to be ponder what all is connected right now, is, the, now, is, the now is. It is for sure, nothing is separated, nor missed at the same moment in his "the now is" concept. Yet, it must be still within his verbal content, there is nothing built in meaning, but we added up with meaning.


Kariya has exhibited early year at the MOMA PS1 "Sound Show, special project: Meditation" 1979, Exit Art "Sutra", 1989, ICA Philadelphia "Sutra: One thing in everything: everything in one thing", 1990, then follows various other museums and galleries.




It's all about the one piece.


illusion to ponder and observing reality


of those variations and evidence


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